On 18 Apr 2012, 8:37pm

Our family had a recent addition,

Brianna Nicole Hoida


Here is Brianna laying on the bed, she was taken out of from the basinette where she was being treated with UV light.

Here is Brianna's mother Mirriam handing Brandon the baby.

He was such a typical new father trying to figure out how to hold her. (We had a good chuckle at that.)

Here he is feeding his daughter for the first time.

Here is another shot where you can see Grandma Kim watching with a grin

Here is a shot of Brianna opening her brown eyse while she's eating.

Here is Mirriam holding her daughter.

Brianna cuddling on her mommy.

Here the proud new Grandmother is holding our little darling.

The smile says it all.....

Another shot of Kim with Brianna

Here is a pic of Brianna with her grandpa.

Brianna grabbed my finger while I was holding her. It was so cute.

Uncle Andrew gets his chance to hold Brianna

A very proud Uncle.

Andrew checks out her toes.

Grandma got a second chance to hold Brianna and started humming to the little one.

Here is the Certificate of Delivery the hospital gave them.

Certificate of Delivery